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Rhinoplasty Surgeon Beverly Hills

Your Road to a Natural Beautiful Nose

  • No Nose Breaking
  • No Packing
  • Stunning Results
  • Minimal Downtime
  • No Pain
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The Simoni Lift

Erase up to Fifteen Years in One Hour!

  • Same-day Results
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Facelift of the Future
  • Minor Outpatient Procedure
  • No Need for Anesthesia
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Dr. Simoni In The Media

Dr. Payman Simoni is featured in the national and international media for his surgical expertise and innovations. Here are a few of the places he has been spoken about.

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About Dr. Payman Simoni

When other doctors decide to undergo cosmetic surgery and are looking for the best facial plastic surgery Beverly Hills has to offer, Dr. Payman Simoni is the plastic surgeon they choose. His background in cosmetic facelifts, rhinoplasty and reputation for natural results makes him one of the most sought after face and rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County.

Dr. Payman Simoni is the double board certified facial plastics expert who has perfected advanced rhinoplasty techniques and an anesthesia-free solution to facial rejuvenation, resulting in minimal risk, rapid recovery, and superior results.

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Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Patient Stories

"We wanted to tell you how happy you have made my daughter and I. We get so many compliments and your talented work has changed our live. We love you loads and thank you for always taking care of us." -SB 7/18/2016


The reviews and stories on these pages illustrate Dr. Simoni’s patients’ experiences. However it is important to note that in plastic Surgery results may vary. The outcome of any plastic surgery procedure depends on the particulars of each patient’s individual case. In providing the  statements on this web site does not state or imply any guarantee.  Read the testimonials below.

- Payman Simoni, Md

"I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that your office demonstrated through out this whole process. I researched doctors for two years because I was so concerned about what might go wrong. I interviewed several doctors and I was immediately impressed with your office. Unlike other doctors, you took a very […]"

- MB 1/28/14

"I haven’t been in for pix at 6 mos. post-treatment, but I love, love the work that the good Dr. performed–I look like me again! Many thanks to Dr. Simoni and all of the staff : )"

- Lesley A. M. 8/16/12

"To Dr. Simoni and Staff, I would just like to thank you for making my procedure as pleasant as possible. It’s because of your kindness, willingness to answer my questions, and your professionalism That I was able to have such a calm, relaxed, comfortable, and confident experience! Many thanks!"

- Jennifer C. 7/31/12
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Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

Dr. Simoni in the Media

As a double board certified surgeon, Dr. Simoni delivers among the best rhinoplasty Los Angeles has to offer. He has been featured in numerous top tv shows, including Entertainment Tonight and The View, and more for his unique views on cosmetic facial surgery and minimally invasive procedures using local anesthetic performed in his Beverly Hills rhinoplasty office.

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6 Things You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

Here are 6 things you should know about the rhinoplasty surgery: A rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery is considered one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures. When performed poorly, it can lead to permanent nose deformity. If you are serious about reshaping your nose, we recommend doing thorough research on the plastic surgeon you are considering.

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Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

There is a reason that rhinoplasty is consistently among the top five plastic surgery procedures performed each year in America. No other procedure can make such a dramatic difference to one’s appearance through subtle changes that enhance the other facial features. Dr. Payman Simoni is an acclaimed Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon with thousands of successful rhinoplasty procedures to his credit. He believes that precise, subtle correction provides his patients with the exact degree of change needed to bring their facial features into balance.

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Beauty is All About Balance and Proportion…

Since the nose is such a prominent feature, finding the best rhinoplasty Los Angeles has to offer is vital to obtaining a superior aesthetic result. After all, there is no hiding a nose job gone wrong. Many subtle aspects of the nose must be preserved to ensure the final result compliments the patient’s unique features.

The nostrils may be too large or overly wide, the dorsal hump on the nose may be too prominent, and the tip may be bulbous or appear hooked. This is where the artistry of the surgeon is vital in determining the final result. Also, for patients of ethnic backgrounds, it is important to preserve their ethnic heritage, while bringing the nose into balance with the other features.

Functional Rhinoplasty: Breathe Freely Again

Function may also be a problem particularly in men who have had sports injuries to the nose. It is not uncommon for Dr. Simoni to find functional problems that patients have been unaware of, simply compensating for blockages or other breathing difficulties. Most of these functional problems can be corrected during cosmetic Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgery providing an enhanced benefit to the patient.

Unknowingly, many patients are battling functional nose problems that cause them to compensate for blockages or other breathing difficulties. Most of these functional problems can be corrected during cosmetic nose surgery, providing an enhanced benefit to the patient.

The Importance of Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Rhinoplasty…

Rhinoplasty is acknowledged by plastic surgeons as one of the most challenging procedures to perform. Achieving the right amount of correction is a balancing act of superb technical skill and meticulous artistic ability. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Simoni has logged thousands of hours performing face and nose surgery. He encourages anyone considering rhinoplasty to become educated on the process and to ask many questions of their surgeon.

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Beverly Hills Entertainment Professionals Trust Dr. Simoni

Those who make their living through their appearance are particularly vulnerable to the mistakes of less experienced surgeons. Los Angeles Rhinoplasty gone wrong can take up to two years to correct. Choosing the surgeon who will perform your surgery is the most important decision that a patient can make. Dr. Simoni’s many A-list patients agree that he provides the best rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer.

If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery Dr. Simoni is happy to examine you and provide you with his recommendations. His reputation for providing among the best rhinoplasty Beverly Hills & Los Angeles has to offer should help with your personal decision.

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The Simoni Facelift:

Less Downtime — Outstanding Natural Results

In the recent past, a facelift required a significant investment in both time and money, putting it out of reach for all but the highly privileged. Recent advances in technique, particularly the innovative Simoni Facelift technique, has now made it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of having 10 to 15 years of stress and aging erased from their appearance.

Whether considering a full surgical facelift, or the revolutionary one hour Simoni Facelift, a key component of acquiring the best facelift Beverly Hills can provide is to trust the procedure only to a board certified facial specialist. This ensures your surgeon has the skill and command over the delicate techniques needed to produce stunning natural results.

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A Facelift Should be Invisible…

While many facelifts will result in an unnaturally stretched appearance, an “invisible” facelift is the hallmark of the truly skilled surgeon. Dr. Simoni believes it is the subtle, well thought out changes that have the most profound effect in turning back the clock and providing what is arguably the best facelift in Los Angeles.

Your face is your “calling card.” Especially in LA’s entertainment industry, it is vital to consult a fully accredited and experienced facial specialist, such as Dr. Simoni. He has many celebrity and entertainment industry executives as patients who insist his is the best facelift Beverly Hills & Los Angeles can provide.

The Facelift: Subtle, Elegant, Age Defying

Aging is reflected in the face more than in any other part of the body. While stress is a major contributing factor to the aging process, there are several other elements that cause us to age, including environmental toxins, illness, smoking and genetics. Most of Dr. Simoni’s patients share that they do not feel like the person that is reflected in the mirror; that they feel much younger and vital than their outward appearance.

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There Are Many Different Ways to Perform a Facelift…

Dr. Simoni evaluates each patient according to their image goals and their physical structure. He carefully listens to their unique concerns and then recommends the procedures that he feels will achieve their goals. He believes in using the least invasive techniques that will get the best result.

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The Simoni One Hour Facelift

For some of Dr. Simoni’s patients, his one hour facelift is recommended, particularly if the patient cannot tolerate or is concerned by general anesthetic. He developed this procedure specifically for these patients, as well as those who wish to achieve a refreshed youthful appearance in one hour, rather than the longer procedure requiring general anesthetic and several weeks of recovery.

In other cases, a full surgical facelift will be the best way to proceed to achieve the result desired. A full facelift will address more pronounced areas of sagging skin throughout the face and neck, will redefine the jaw line, open the eye area and minimize the nasal labial folds running from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

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Honored as one of Beverly Hills Top 5 Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Simoni is an acclaimed facial specialist, having achieved two separate board certifications over and above his medical training. His innovative advances in technique applied to difficult nose and reconstructive surgeries have garnered the respect of his colleagues and the gratitude of his many patients.

He recognizes that the Los Angeles area is a highly competitive job market, particularly in the entertainment industry. He is a highly sought after plastic surgeon sensitive to the needs of these patients and consistently strives to provide the best facelift Los Angeles can offer. Find out how he can help you by arranging for a comprehensive examination and consultation.

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Would just like to thank you for making my procedure as pleasant as possible. It’s because of your kindness, willingness to answer my questions, and your professionalism That I was able to have such a calm, relaxed, comfortable, and confident experience! Many thanks! Jennifer C
We wanted to tell you how happy you have made my daughter and I. We get so many compliments and your talented work has changed our live. We love you loads and thank you for always taking care of us.SB

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