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Katie Holmes’ Tired Face

Published: June 3, 2013

Examining recent photos of Katie Holmes indicate that she is exhausted and possibly even stressed out. Underneath her eyes look a little dark and hollow, which gives her face a tired, unflattering and old appearance. It is not unusual that life stresses induce fat loss in the face, explains Dr. Payman Simoni, famed Beverly Hills plastic … Continue reading Katie Holmes’ Tired Face

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Plastic Surgery and Britney Spears

Published: March 23, 2011

Britney Spears is not foreign to controversies. Recently, Brtiney confessed to considering cosmetic surgery in the future. In the new issue of Out Magazine, 29-year old Britney Spears responded to the question, “ How do you feel about plastic surgery?”, she responded, ” When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider … Continue reading Plastic Surgery and Britney Spears

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Published: July 2, 2010

A truly remarkable anti-aging procedure that men and women are lining up for here in Los Angeles and has taken Hollywood by storm is the facelift without anesthesia. It’s called The Wide-Awake Facelift lift also known as “The Simoni Lift”. From Beverly Hills, Dr. Payman Simoni, a twice board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon by the … Continue reading ANTI- AGING: THE WIDE AWAKE FACELIFT

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Dr Payman Simoni Comments on Paris Hilton’s Lips

Published: June 25, 2010

Looks like Paris Hilton has had a little enlarging done!  Reports say that she has had some work done recently and by the looks of this picture taken Tuesday night outside the Convent Garden Hotel, it shows. Plastic surgeon Dr. Lewis M. Feder was quoted online as saying, “It definitely looks as though she had … Continue reading Dr Payman Simoni Comments on Paris Hilton’s Lips

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